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Updated 09 October 2018
Updated 09 October 2018
Updated 09 October 2018
Updated 09 October 2018
Updated 09 October 2018
Updated 09 October 2018
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October 9,2018

I am pretty sure that the company "Alibaba" in Hangzhou, China didn't intend for their state of the art qubit Quantum server to be used as a hacker platform for netphishing and spam dispersal globally, yet there are rediculous amounts of hacking spewing out of Hangzhou and Singapore.

Funstuff is updated as of today. I have added puzzles that go from the difficulty level 4 to 8. In other words easy to very hard. This is going to be upgraded soon so you can choose from a bigger variety of images to use in the puzzles and also to be able to you yourself choose difficulty level. Level 4 will be the easiest and level 15 as the most extreme. Enjoy!

October 3-2018:

This page is for those that do not have access to special chars and font types. This will replace the page that you meet when you first access this site. This due to a make over of the page and font availability. If you have windows ms-office installed on your computer you should be able to see the special fonts or if you are using Android to access this site.

This page works with mobile phones. Swipe left and right to view the page. Please be patient. I mentioned previously that this site will undergo cosmetic changes from time to time.

There is a slight delay with the publication of the book. Some coding error that I am trying to find and fix. Too many rows to keep track of :)