Hello and welcome to my updated site. Things will change dramatically as time goes on.




14 September 2018:

The book will start being published again with new material as of 1 October. You will be able to turn pages one by one by yourself

17 August 2018:

As time goes on the site will get cosmetic changes from time to time.

Are you that hack PHP sites or other sites so incapable of doing your own work and site construction that you deem it necessary to try and steal other peoples hours or weeks or months of effort to create a usuable site? I don't see the reason for these attempts.

If you have any pride in yourselves you would create something that you can be proud of instead of stealing other peoples work. Grow up and get real! Internet would be a much more pleasant place to use use for everybody without idiots trying to destroy for everyone else. This site contains NOTHING WHATSOEVER of interest for you that try to hack this site. All that will happen is that your IP gets autobanned and published


This server will not allow passthrough IP and rerouting! It will neither allow proxy connections. Trying will only get you an ERROR message!

NOTICE: This site is virtual x 2 and is based elsewhere than this adress! What is so difficult about reading? I have written in clear text that this is NOT A WP (Wordpress) based site. Quit trying you won't get anywhere with it!

Video Examples


A little animation video made in Blender3D .2018 August 10

Short animation made by me in Blender 3d

Get your own copy of blender3d and start making your own things.
It is fun, and good for learning to think logically.
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