Quote of the month.

"There is no love stronger than true love. It makes the one you love, even more special and unique"

This site does NOT contain nudity, pornography or illegal material whatsoever and NEVER WILL!! Find that else where!

Firecube made by me in Blender 3d

Get your own copy of blender3d and start making your own things.
It is fun, and good for learning to think logically.
Link to the left under links!

What is so difficult about reading? I have written in clear text that this is NOT A WP (Wordpress) based site. Quit trying
you won't get anywhere with it!

After being quiet for about 6 months the hacker attempts are starting to ride the bushes again.
It is not acceptable and as I have been out of action for approx the same length of time I am now relogging the ip's
that are attacking or attempting to hack the site. Once again, there is no money making logins or other forms accessible
to you that are trying. This server is behind a server behind a server! NOTICE: Webhacker Alert update dates
There is no active FTP on this server. It is an outdated format so to you that has tried a miljon times from Turkey. Stop
It won't get you anywhere.

Have a great summer those that use the summer to do constructive positive things!!