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Dedicated to a very special person close to my heart

Chapter ONE

The Destiny

Peter returned that morning to his place of work after assuring himself that things were alrigt with Julia and that she would be kept safe. He had a nagging feeling that something was deeply wrong about what just had transpired and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. He had looked at her while she had slept after the medical staff had given her som painkillers and a drug to make her sleep restfully. The fact that she had woken up and seemed a little depressed made that he decided that he would keep an eye on her for as long as he could. He had no idea at the time that it would come to be far longer than he ever could imagine. Sitting at his desk doing the final paperwork and filing the report, the replacement for the previous night walked in soaked. Peter looked at him and asked him if it had been bad out there. The replacement stand in told him that the boat was beached but he had called on the coast gaurd helicopter to come and do a lift. It wasn't the first time that this had happened and it was due to that not enough slack had been given to the mooring ropes causing the bouey to deanchor from the sea bed and follow with the boat in to the beach. Luckily enough it had caught far out enough so the boat hadn't been smashed to pieces on the cliffside.

Round 3pm that afternoon they called from the hospital and asked if Peter could come to Julia. He had put himself down as her "protector" while she was there. This Julia found amusing considering that he knew nothing at all about her. A perfect stranger, but that was Peters way to do things in his life. He cared enough to understand that a girl that does a thing like that has to have a reason for it and if just one person can give her comfort, then he would take the step and be there for her. He arrived at the hospital to find a group of Police cars had assembled outside the main entrance and he thought to himself that now something big was about to, or had happened. Upon coming up to Julias room there were two police officers standing guard at the door and in her room there were two detectives that waited for him. Julia had told them of the terror that she had experienced and how the whole business with the insecure journey to Saint Antonio had taken place and of the brutal abuse that she had been through. This was the reason for the gathering of police vehicles and personel at the main entrance. The man that she had encountered was a know offender and it had not been the first time this had happened, but only one other girl had come out of this alive. Now with Julia being so healthy despite her ordeal they had a witness that actually could send him to prison for life. The detective got a call on his radio and the men disappeared leaving Peter and Julia alone in the room for a few minutes. She thanked him and thanked him again and again but he walked up to her and gave her a hug, that she at first shyed away from, but then understood it was as a comforting gesture on his part. She hugged him back and took in the smell of him and how good and warm he felt. This made her feel like he was a good man through and through.

The hug ended up lingering a little longer than a normal hug would because even Peter felt how much she hugged him back. After stepping back there was an awkward moment of laughter that soon was replaced with a release leading to a long and hearty conversation between the two. A while later there was a knock on the door and one of the detectives stepped in. He asked if he could talk to Peter alone for a second. He accepted it and followed the man out the door and into the hall. Julia, although slightly worried about what was going down sat back and drank the tea that she had recieved just before Peter walked in to the room. It was understandibly cold, but that didn't disturb her in any way. Strangely enough it smelled like the tea she used drink back home in Brazil.

Peter walked back into the room with a big smile on his face, not actually knowing why himself, but felt amused at the request he had recieved of the detective. How much just that would impact on Peters and Julias lives was something that they would look back upon later and discuss time and time again. She looked at him wondering what he was up to. She had been certain that she would get deported straight away considering the massive failure that just had occured. He looked back at her and sat down on the chair that he had sat in earlier and explained that he had been asked to take her in to his home and be her protector until such time this incident could get laid to rest. She looked back at him and asked if she was going to live with him until the police had the man in prison. He nodded and asked if it would be a problem for her and told her that she would get her own room overlooking the meadows and fields behind the house. She sighed a sigh of relief and thanked him once again for his kindness. He chuckled and said that it was the least he could do under the circumstances. That following day she arrived at his doorstep after being transported there by one of the officers that had sat guard outside of her door. She had no clothing other than some loaners that a social worker had been kind enough to come to her with. Her belongings were still at the shanty manor and would be returned to her at a later date. Peter welcomed her in and offered her some coffee, but she declined and asked if he had some Cola instead or mineral water. That he had and quickly provided her with it and then showing her the room she was to be in. She gasped when she came through the door.

Never in her life had she seen a so sweet and beautiful room. It was like walking into a girls dream. Peter explained that the room had not been used since the daughter of the previous keeper had died while on vacation in Spain. He also asked if it would feel strange for her but she quickly and assertively denied any problem with being there. He smiled and went back down to the living room to put a few more logs on the fire while he waited for Julia to get comfortable. He knew that the clothing cabinet in the room would probably shock her, but he waited for the reaction and faught his curiosity to go and see how she was doing. The family to the girl that had died had left everything as it was and had written a letter to the keeper that would replace them, that all the girls belongings were free to use or be given to charity and that they left it all behind because they could not deal with removing it. All the mother had taken were the photographs that her daughter had had in the room, but otherwise left it intact. Julia startled Peter as he stood and rewound the clock on the mantelpiece above the fireplace. He had not noticed her come into the room. When he turned around she stood there holding a dress in front of her with a curious look on her face. He asked her if anything was wrong, but she shook her head and smiled and told him that back at home in Sao Paolo where she was from, she had had a dress that looked exactly the same as the one she was holding. She asked if it belonged to his girlfriend but he explained to her that not only was he single and from Sweden, but also been left with these items. She tilted her head in the flickering light from the fire, making her look like an angel with a halo around her head as the shards of light caught stray hairs and lit them up. Peter explained to her that she was free to use anything that she found useful in that room.

Now Julia was confused. She was certain that she was dreaming. Certain that she had died and come to paradise. Certain that she was just imagining all that she was going through and had to pinch herself to make sure. It hurt. She ran upstairs and found the skirt and blouse she had seen earlier and felt were pretty. She also had found a pair of string underwear, and despite her misgivings changed into them since the ones she had had on at the hospital felt like bags. She had showered before leaving for Peters home but she now took time to fix herself up and felt really good with herself when she once again made her way down to Peter and the living room. Needless to say he was far from prepared for what he was about to see. He almost dropped the coffee cup he was holding in his hand and chocked a bit on his coffee. She thought that she had done something wrong again, but Peter told her she was such a beautiful sight that he was totally mesmarized by her and taken off guard. He could not stop looking

..--M--.. She was a sight for sore eyes. Her hair was combed and slung to one side of her tilted head shining with a glow that drew Peters attention to it. Looking into her eyes he found himself lost for words. Only once before in his life had he been in this situation and that was in 9th grade at the middle school he had attended. There a girl in his grade had turned up for the school dance like a princess taken out of Disney's stories and he had not been able to say anything and in a way messed up his chances for that evening. Julia on the other hand, seeing Peter at loss for words laughed a little embarrassed at the predicament he was in and walked up to him and gave him a hug to calm him down. Somehow that hug didn't better the situation for him. He found himself in a predicament he couldn't explain. He however gathered himself quickly and asked her to sit down and pulled up a couch closer to the fireplace so she would be nice and warm. He offered her a drink, but as she had misgivings to drinks with alcohol in them kindly declined, but he quickly assured her that he meant orange juice, coca cola, coffee or tea. She chose coca-cola and looked at him through the corner of her eyes. She found him fascinating where he stood. Despite his little pouting stomach he looked to be well built and fit. She tried to convince herself that she was fantasizing, but there he stood the man that she had thought that she actually was going there to meet. Maybe not by face, but way of being. After closing her eyes and listening to the music coming out of the stereo she started looking around the room. As she was fascinated by books her eyes started following the bookshelves to see if there was anything of interest to read. At that moment Peter came back into the room with a tray of biscuits and sandwiches with sallad and cheese on them and 2 very large glasses of the drinks. She giggled a little embarrassed because she hadn't been served in this way by a man. She just wondered if she dared tell him that because he might get ideas that she was inexperienced. He saw the look in her eyes and understood instinctivly what she was thinking and smiled back at her. He told her she should take the oppurtunity to let him pamper her, because although he had never either been in the same situation he liked it. That made her laugh, and even more relaxed, and somewhere in the back of her head she also liked his accent.

She felt that she had to explain that she thought he was too kind and that she was grateful for letting her stay in the house with him, despite her being a total stranger. She also tried to explain why she had done something as drastic as throwing herself from a helicopter into the sea. He put a hand on hers which made her jump slightly, but kept it still where it was because his hand was so warm and that also mirrored his personality and way of being. He told her that none of that was necessary and that she should just relax and let herself be and gather herself and recover. He also assured that he would protect her if anything untoward would happen. Inside himself he knew that he as a pasifist most likely would not go on the war path but he would be less of a man if he didn't prevent her being in a situation where she could not defend herself. He asked her if she was hungry and suggested hamburgers and fries for dinner. Something he was actually really good at cooking and she smiled and said that it would indeed be good. He winked at her and told her that he had to go back to work for the next couple of hours before he made dinner but that she was welcome to explore as much as she wanted to. She told him that she thought that was okay and while he was away she found a book by Henry Pickering that she started reading. An adventure novel and soon she was so totally immersed in it that she did not realize how much time had passed. She almost jumped out of her clothes and chair when Peter walked into the room and asked her if she was alright. The book flew away and she squeeled and Peter despite becoming a little apprahensive as to the reaction could not help laughing. He quickly put his hand over his mouth to try and conceal the situation he was in, but it was too late. She had by that time got herself out of the chair and was next to him and slapped him on the his arm and saying in a playful way that he shouldn't do that, but as strange as the situation was, it was the icebreaker that they both needed.

Before long she and he were immersed in a conversation of whereabouts. She was telling him of Brazil and Sao Paolo and her family. Peter listened attentivly to what she had to say, and when she asked him if he was from Saint Antonio and what his accent was, he told her in a joking way, that he was a Viking from Sweden and that his family was from the colder regions of the country, but as a true viking should be, they were able to cope with the winter weather. He told her of snow and snowmobile racing that actually was his passion and how he loved to photograph things while doing crazy outings with his sister. He told her of his last christmas at home before moving to Saint Antonio thinkng that it would be hot and nice here but as they both could see, was not, or at least at that time. After having talked for what seemed like hours, dinner having been eaten and cleared away with her help Peter realized that maybe it was time to hunker down for the night. He had an early start to the day and bade her goodnight and went to his room. She looked after him as he walked and she caught herself thinking that he was indeed a sight. She shook her head, picked up the book from the floor and went up to her room and lay down on the bed to continue reading. That however was the last thing she remembered before waking up the next morning with the sun shining in through the shades of the window and feeling the smell of newly cooked coffee and toast. She stretched herself and realized that she still was dressed in the clothing that she had the evening before. All that she had managed to do was pull the cover of the bed over her during the night. She thought to herself how tired she must have been and how comfortable the bed was. A few minutes later she had combed herself and applied a little makeup to feel more fresh. She had found some kind of aloevera perfume that she tried on, and thought it smelled more of rose garden than anything else. She shook her head and was convinced the fall had messed up her sense of smell. Walking down the stairs to the bathroom that she thought was the only one in the house she realized Peter looked up at her as she came down. For a second she felt like a model and put her hand to her skirt to cover any possibilies to look under it. A purely natural instinct. He said goodmorning and asked if she had slept well. She answered she had and replied bom dia which was portugese for good morning. She noticed the question hanging in the air and she told him what it meant. He replied jokingly that it might be time for him to add that language to his repetoar of languages he already knew. She winked at him and walked into the bathroom, but not before asking him if she could have a towel so she could take a shower. He answered that he had already put up one for her, and she thought that he must think about everything. For Peter that was an obvious. He had grown up with that sense of hospitality and that guest were provided for. He went back to work after telling her that there was breakfast in the kitchen and that she could take whatever she felt suited her breakfast needs and that he was returning just before lunch. He also told her that the Police had been there leaving her things that had been found and also her mobile phone. She thanked him. He walked out the door and headed off towards the lighthouse to do some maintance work. While he was away Julia charged her phone and then called her mother and cryingly told her all about what had happened and where she now was. She told her about Peter and how kind and generous he was, but her mother was still not convinced and told Julia she should come home as soon as the process with the police was over. Julia agreed.

The destiny that had twisted the fate would soon tell another story for Peter and Julia. Little did they realize that their paths had been intertwined for the remainder of their lives and that it would be one adventure after another that they would end up in together. Peter although a cautious man in normal circumstances had fallen head over heels in love with Julia the moment he saw her, and Julia didn't know what to think of her mixed emotions. Everything within her told her to follow Peter but her common sense told her to be protective because it was unlikely that she would be allowed to stay in the country after what just happened. She however would not be able to withstand the emotions that flooded her. She realized that she liked him more than she cared to admit. She wanted to step back and catch a breath at the speed that things were progressing between them already on the 4th day after they had met, but something just felt right and she wanted to know more. Peter called his mother for advice and she had just laughed and in a motherly way advised him to take a deep breath before following his heart. It was like diving off the deep end of the swimming pool and trying to swim the whole 50 meters to the other side. He thought that was a strange way of putting it considering, but he embraced it and as the story now progresses further we will catch a glimpse of how inevitable life sometimes can be and although not always postive has a way of changing ones direction for better or worse.

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