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Dedicated to a very special person close to my heart

Chapter TWO


Peter woke up early on Sunday morning. He actually had time to think things through and sleep in but since it was Julias birthday after all he figured that he may as well try to suprise her with something special. They had now been living together for the past few months and the bond that they had was starting to feel like a well combined theme running through their lives. They laughed a lot and did silly things together that anyone looking on from the outside would automatically assume that it had to do with love. They themselves had not come to the realization yet but that is exactly where they were headed. This in an increased rate of speed that would take their breath away. He went in to the kitchen and then into the pantry room, where he had stowed away the cake he had bought the evening before under the pretence that he had to go to town to do some errands. He had also bought her a bouquet of flower that he carefully had tied together to keep it from spreading out and put in one of his mothers crystal vases. He had also bought her a necklace of silver with a friendship heart on it that one was supposed to break apart and each keep a half but he figured a complete one would serve its purpose more for her. Just that thought was the process of things that were starting to take shape in Peters subconscious. He boiled the coffee and cut a slice of the cake ready to be placed on a plate, took out the flowers from where he had hidden them and with a steady hand carried the tray with coffee and plate and cake up to her room. He had the flowers in the other hand which made it a little of a conubrum as to how he would succeed to open the door since the door knobb was round. As he stood outside her door he remembered that he had a small table that he could pull towards himself as a place to stand the flowers on while he knocked on the door. She responded come in and so he opened the door and entered the room. There she stood at the mirror in just her underwear brushing her hair and he almost dropped what he was carrying when he saw her. She saw his reaction in the mirror and gave one of those sweet laughter bursts that he had grown to appreciate. She turned around and bent over and picked up the morning robe and put it on to prevent Peter from further embarrassment and asked him what he had in mind. That was just like a cue for him, upon which he started singing Happy Birthday to her. She laughed and clapped her hands and gave Peter a hug and a kiss on the cheek to show her appreciation.

Julia was astounded by what Peter did. Nothing could have prepared her for that, and a tear ran down her cheek at how sweet it was that he had actually bought her flowers and a present. She opened the present with shaky hands. The long slender fingers found the places for her to pop the tape open and she carefully folded the paper up revealing the jewelry box. She looked at Peter who looked at her curiously and smiled a somewhat blushing smile towards him. She felt hot inside and wanted nothing else but to open the window as an excuse to not overheat. She opened the jewelry box carefully which revealed the friendship heart and she squeeled of joy. That was exactly the heart she had been looking at a few days earlier and wished she could buy. She hadn't told Peter, and yet here she was standing with it in her hands. Peter saw the reaction and realized that he actually had done something right. She turned her back towards him and asked if he could clip it on behind her neck while she moved her hair aside. He obliged and in doing so he felt her smell for the first time in a more intense way than he ever had experienced before. It was so overpoweringly sensuos that Peter almost lost perception at time and space. The smell of aloevera and rose hung in the air. As he completed his task she turned around towards him and suddently they were facing one another in a very close way. They could feel the body heat radiate between them as they were inside their personal space. She gasped and before she knew it she had her lips against his in a long and passionate kiss that stopped time and space around them. She felt how her arms seemed to go their own way and lock them around Peter and she felt his hand on her cheek drawing her closer. After what seemed forever they both drew apart and were totally flustered. She giggled and he was shaken to the very foundation and started apologizing for what had happened. They both knew that it was neither ones fault. It was meant to be.

A while later they were both sitting and talking happily eating cake for breakfast and joking at the coincidences of life and fate. It was meant to be was a recurring word that every now and then found its way out of their mouths. Time flew and Peter suddenly looked at the clock on the mantlepiece and started laughing. Julia somewhat peturbed by Peters sudden change in mood asked if she had said anything wrong or not. He shook his head and pointed to the clock. ....M....It had already become time for lunch. He asked Julia if she was hungry. She shook her head and tilted her head to one side. She felt completely confused about what had happened. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry over the fact things had evolved so fast. All she knew was that she loved every second of what had happened and what was happening inside of her. It was a rippling feeling that swept her mind aside and she knew she had had an involuntary orgasm. She turned bright red in the face and blushing from ear to ear she excused herself and headed to the bathroom. She was totally perturbed and shocked at her bodies reaction. Peter on the other hand sat down in the chair he had vacated just a few minutes earlier and tried desperately tried to catch his breath. He found himself thinking about what his mother would say about the things playing out in her sons life. He laughed a little to himself, got up and collected everything on the tray he had had with him to her room. Walking down the corridor to the stairwell he felt a soft touch on his shoulder and looked back at a confused girl that smiled with both her eyes and face. She thanked him, thinking that the moment was over. He smiled back at her and said that he had to take care of some work related issues but being who he was, he told Julia he would be back and thanked her for the most beautiful moments in his life. He wasn't lying because he had never experienced anything so intense with anybody else.

Julia went back to her room and sat down in front of the mirror on the table top and put her hands over her face and shook her head. Then she started crying of happiness because a dream of romance had been realized. Thinking she had been dreaming she pinched herself and discovered to her joy that it actually hurt. She started brushing her hair almost like in a dreamlike coma. She looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself that it was time to breathe. She dared not hope. This was something that she had not experienced before. Getting up from the chair after what seemed ages, she put on a pair of shorts and a white top, ankel socks and a pair of pinkish white sneakers and made her way down the stairs after taking one extra look in the mirror. She had her phone in her hand and then felt a puff of wind that partially fluffed up her hair and she saw Peter through her periferal vision as he watched her. Once again she blushed bright red despite him not having said anything. She pointed at the front door in what she felt was one of the most embarassing moments she had ever felt because she could not find the words. Peter smiled at her and just nodded his head and went back to what he was doing. She sighed a sigh of relief that he had not said anything and halfrunning she made her way out to the side of the cliffs to a rock that she and Peter had sat on and watched the sunset together, while he had described for her in the most beautiful words what he liked about this place. She almost jumped out of her skin when the phone vibrated in her hand. She looked at it and saw a text from Peter. Words that made Julia so warm inside that made her try to catch her breath once again. She started thinking it was impossible that one could be so happy and yet so crazily shocked and confused. She suddenly heard her friends words in her head that told her that she has to let go of the one she thought that she loved in her heart and go to follow that which her heart was telling her now. In that moment she realized that she was deeply in love with Peter. Although she liked the realization it terrified her! Would she be able to take the steps that were necessary and entrust herself and her body to what she knew in her heart was the man that would and could change her life forever. She called her brother in Brazil and told him what she had come to realize. He had made a small laughing sound and then he called her "silly" about her fears. He told her not to waste the moment on doubts and let the love swallow her in every way. He would be so happy for her and he, despite not having met Peter, felt that he was the right one for her. She started laughing that laugh that she only had when she talked to him, and told him how much she loved him and thanked him for his advice.

Julia made her way back to the house with lighter steps than she had had for a long time. She knew that Peter was thinking about her, because she felt it inside her heart and when she came into the house once more, she heard him in the kitchen. She tiptoed to try and look into the door without him realizing her presence. He did not. He was standing at the sink peeling potatoes and rinsing the rice. She tiptoed up behind him and in a wild spontanious movement she threw her arms around his stomach from behind and pressed her body hard up against his and kissed him on the neck. Peter jumped within himself, startled by what Julia did, but he felt a wave of heat flow through him and he realized in that moment that he had fallen totally in love with this vision of angelic beauty that now was holding on to him. With his voice almost caught in his troat he turned around inside her hug and hugged her back and once more their lips entwined in an almost feverish passion and when he drew back to take a breath both said they loved each other at the same time. Just that exactness of the moment of love declaration made both start laughing besides themselves at how it was so word perfect. A moment that could have been the most serious at the start of their relationship turned into a joyous laughing situation that came from the heart of the two. They stod there hugging for a few moments longer and then Julia took a step back and leaned back against the counter with her hair flowing freely over her shoulders and both hands on the countertop. Peter turned back to the potatoe peeling. The ice had been broken and now the words flowed freely.


......to be continued.....

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