Gallery of Andreas Viasson, isdraken Productions, Sweden

All images, photos and films and videos are the sole copyright of Andreas Viasson isdraken Productions, Sweden.
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Login to purchase is disabled for a while due to legal issues. This has to do with the Swedish legal system where
private persons as well as business has to be registered at the main Govermental Taxation Authorities and even business
is considered as a hobby, whether or not it is a viable form of income or not. In my eyes this is a load of hogwash
and until such time as this has been solved the gallery and vid sections remain visible but without the possibility to

Right click and Printscreen is disabled. All image are my ©isdraken Productions, Sweden Andreas Viasson.
Anybody that tries to hack or in any other way damage my site and gallery will be reported to the authorities

If you wish to purchase any of the images, photos the prices are at 100 Euro per Photo or Image atm.
Videos and Film clips kan be purchased for 150 Euro.
Payment and Download site is not available right now.
This will be up in the coming two months

Purchase of copyright use to items made in 3D with Blender with work files is 500 Euro base charge and thereafter 100 Euro per build
and sold item, whether it be machine tooled or 3D printed. Contact mail will be provided soon within the login area

All that login will have to agree to a credit and validity check.

This will be built bit by bit as I go along and complete work on this site.
Denna sida kommer fyllas mer och mer allt eftersom arbetet pågår.