I Have Eaten (in English )

"Jim Groce med låten I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song"
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I have eaten...oh yes indeed. I got a query on another socialmedia and I promised I would put it here on the blog the way I "fixed" the food or rather, how I cooked the dinner.
I started with the basic ingredients.
Steak (karré) cut thin and split almost in 2 each.      
Vegetables   (grönsaker sommarmix )                         
Jasmine Rice (Jasmin Ris)
Beef stock 1cube (biff buljong eller grönsaksbuljong )
Course sea salt ground (Havs salt)
Course 4 types of peppar mix ground (4 Pepparsorter grov )
Curry powder
Parsley (Persilja )
Paprika dried and ground.
Sauce base:
1 dl milk (mjölk)
Dust with wheatmeal until it thickens slightly. (vetemjöl ca 1 msk)
Salt ½tsp
Peppar according to taste
Spice the steak top middle and bottom with salt, peppar, curry, parsley, dill and a hint of paprika. Pour a smidgen olivechiligarlic oil in the frying pan. Just before placing the meat in the pan open up the 2 steakhalves and insert the cheese in between and close them. Fry on moderate heat until done. For you that likes a little stronger taste add a quart of beer to the fry at the end (approx 4tablespoons)
Cook the rice in water that has beefstock, curry, peppar, parsley and dill. About 5 minutes before end add the vegetables to that same water and let them cook in to the rice. While there is a little spice water left in the pan take about a tablespoon off and add it to the frying pan together with half a cup of hot water and let the meat stew in that until the rice/veggie mix is done. Remove the meat and strain the sauce content and then mix in the sauce base and stir on heat until it thickens lightly and is not lumpy.
For you that have a rice cooker, cook the veggies seperately as they tend to leave unwanted residue in the cooker which can be near impossible to remove. Use a cooking pot instead.
Then serve with whatever drink you please. Make a sallad if it tickles the tastebuds.
and with that I bid you all a very....
Goodnight and Good Morning from the Blog.